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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

How Are You Feeling?

The Psalms are great becasue they connect with so many of our emotions and, as my former Pastor used to say, "When we can't speak to God the Psalms speak for us." And they certainly do. Here are some of the emotions you'll encounter in the Psalms.

1 Loneliness
2 Love
3 Awe
4 Sorrow
5 Regret
6 Contrition
7 Discouragement
8 Shame
9 Exaltation
10 Marvelling
11 Delight
12 Joy
13 Gladness
14 Fear
15 Anger
16 Peace
17 Grief
18 Desire
19 Hope
20 Broken heartedness
21 Gratitude
22 Zeal
23 Pain
24 Confidence

How are you feeling? You can always find yourself in the Psalms.


  1. Very true but it would be helpful to know which ones to turn to when those emotions occur.

  2. Good question and I guess someone somewhere has done the work on that! I tend to be in the Psalms a lot these days and so I will read them through at a pace slow enough to be able to "pray them" but then dwell in one that particularly resonates with how I'm feeling. I'll use the words of the Psalmist to speak out what I'm feeling.


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