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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

An Unusual Means of Grace

Louise and I went into our respective days yesterday feeling extremely under appreciated in an area of our work.  It was an unusual feeling and the circumstances for us being in that place were quite different but the way we felt was strikingy similar.  Although we both ended up joking about "what a pair we are" and the fact that  "no one understands do they" we felt pretty flat. 

So, later in the day when I was visiting a young professional couple in their 30's (relevant details I think for the story....generally these kinds of people don't do what they did, sorry if that's typecasting) Mrs "X" says "I've baked you and Louise a cake just to say we really appreciate all you do........"

That never happens.   Not like that.

If ever there was one, this was a means of grace to us.

He sees....He notices....He responds.....

It was only a cake (albeit an incredible one that my kids didn't let touch the sides) but the Lord used it to minister to us deeply.

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