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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Distracted by Petty Things

The other day I read an article (Barnabus Fund magazine, March/April 2014) about a little 7 year old boy called Anmol Gemethi.  He went missing on 17 November 2013 after setting off for Sunday school in his village in India.  He was later found having been tortured and murdered.  Anmol’s father said that during the 10 years since he had become a Christian he and his family had received numerous death threats from Hindu extremists.  He had told the police but they appeared to take no notice.  

I share this because it put the rather petty things that distract me from discipleship into context.  I have to be honest and say that compared to a small child who had his toes broken, his body burned and his life taken simply for being a Christian my own reasons for not being more wholehearted in living for Christ seem somewhat pathetic.  

Lord, teach me more about what it means to follow you as I listen to the voices of those persecuted for their love of you.

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