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Friday, 14 August 2009

Leaving the Building

It's just turned 9:35pm, I've finally cleared my in-box and my desk and I've penned the notes I wanted to write to a couple of our key players - I'm free to go - I'm done! My holiday starts here! (Ok, so I've got a visit to make tomorrow but apart from that, apart from that....I'm finished!) I love the feeling - always have.

I'm sitting at the bottom of the stairs to my office as I write......the building's silent. All I can here are the occasional shouts and screams of the YP out on the street who would normally be hanging out in our building next door at this time. But it's the holidays and everyone needs a break.

Time to go. One of the things I love about Louise is that she releases me on nights like this to do what has to be done in order to finish well (even though I'd said I'd be back at 5, and then 6 and then "It's probably going to be more like 8") - and I have.

I'm leaving the building!

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  1. Hope you and your family all have a lovely holiday! Enjoy your break! x


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