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Friday, 7 August 2009

Pay and Display?

I've just returned to the picnic table that's adjacent to one of the New Forest car parks.    I'd pulled in en route home from a hospital visit to take time to read my Bible and pray...... there were a number of things weighing heavy on my mind and I knew that once home it probably wouldn't happen.  

Anyway I decided that I didn't need to do the old "pay and display" as I wasn't staying long and I was practically in (well reasonably close to) the car park.    Surely I didn't need to pay the £1.50, or whatever the sign would say, for a brief stop off?   So having justified it to myself I read the first of today's Psalms - it was great!   But, I've still got this nagging concern, partly about the ethics of not paying but more about about the size of fine I'd get once the guy in the yellow van paid a visit and spotted my car......"would I see him before he saw my windscreen?".   

So then it's into Psalm 32 and the Lord hits me in the second verse with "Blessed is the whose spirit there is no deceit."  Thanks Lord for speaking so clearly.   In that momet the bubble was burst.  There was deceit in my heart.   I was trying to get for nothing something that should have been paid for.   Not the biggest deal in the world but big enough to warrant God bringing his Word to bear like a laser on my heart.    Not a big deal..... but maybe in that phrase lies the problem.....
So I got up and went to the machine, feeling a strange sense of relief (which was interesting) and found I wasn't required to pay afterall.   
Thanks Father for the lesson and thanks too for the power of your Word.  

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