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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Log Cabin in Slough

Last night I spent the night in a log cabin in Slough. Bizarre! Nice cabin, great company (just Dan and me, Dave couldn't make it...grrrrrr!), OK food (ready meal from Waitrose and organic cider in a box), rubbish location (next to the M4 and under the approach to Heathrow).

Anyway, on the way there and back I listened to the most amazing church service I'd ever heard. Seriously. I've not experienced anything like it. The sense of the presence of God was awesome, God's Word so powerful. The absolute reality of the sure and certain hope that we have through Christ infused everything that was said and done. It was incredible.

It was a service of thanksgiving for a young woman, who had died of cancer just before her 36th birthday. Louise and I had prepared her and her husband for marriage some 12 years previously. Two small children are without a mother. The situation is awful and yet, and yet.....God.

The grieving husband spoke powerfully about the love he had for his wife, his own grief, his questions and his fears for the future. But above all he spoke of his absolute confidence in the sovereignty of God and the sure and certain knowledge of his Fatherly care. As I listened to this and the sermon that followed I felt like I was witnessing a miracle as great as any healing I've ever seen or heard about. Jesus is amazing! This stuff really works. At some point I'll post what I listened to so you can make your own judgement.

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