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Thursday, 12 November 2009

"You don't believe THAT nonsense!??"

Grabbed a coffee at Costa on the way in this morning and Fiona told me she was having to hold the fort for another hour single handed. I sort of offered to help, what with being on the paid staff I kind of figured that I should, but I had sooooooo much to do..... great relief when my sort of offer was declined. Anyway half an hour later I was back as I had a hunch the Manager was doing what managers do: putting a brave face on it. I was right.

Long story short, I'm pushing out Lattes, Cappuccinos, clearing tables and washing up like a pro and then Fiona says: "It's Friday 13th tomorrow!" Without looking up I replied: "You don't believe all THAT nonsense do you!". We're then on to the next thing.... "Small Latte with an extra shot, the milk really, really hot and in a cup not a glass - please"..... but I find myself thinking how dismissive I'd been of someone elses belief. Some people really do buy into the whole superstition package and it's a big deal to them. I hadn't even bothered to find out what her belief really was, I'd just rubbished the whole idea. Nice one Dave. Really cross-culturally sensitive! (Turns out that she's actually not superstitious at all...apart from the ladders thing).

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