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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Eastwood's Last

Watched Gran Torino (2008) last night. What a great film! It's hard to describe it and do the theological reflection I'd love to do without giving away the killer twist at the end. But I'll have a bit of a go....

Clint Eastwood, in what he says is his last appearance as an actor, plays a racist veteran of the Korean war who despises the ethnic minorities who have moved into,and he would say ruined, his neighbourhood. James Christopher in The Times wrote: "I doubt there's another actor who could smuggle this much toxic xenophobia into a thriller and make it look like a forgivable generational quirk". He plays the part brilliantly. However, when his "gook" neighbours find themselves harassed by gangs Clint comes to their aid. In so doing he finds a level of redemption for himself and, in a climax that spectacularly avoids the easy Death Wish/vigilante cliche, the neighbours also find their freedom.

Definitely worth a look.

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