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Sunday, 3 January 2010


Challenged by tonight's service led by the young people of the A2 group. Their theme: Being Reckless for God.

They made the point that there's good and bad recklessness and the kind that the Bible advocates is the kind where we act in response to the call of God and leave the outcome to Him. We were reminded that it's not just about the big stuff like getting martyred, it's also about the small stuff.....walking across a classroom/boardroom/factory floor/open plan office/bar to deliver some act of undeserved kindness....abandoning the outcome to God. Faith.

Given that it says somewhere that without faith it's impossible to please God I'm asking what I'm currently doing that without God coming through with his presence and power I'm going to fall flat on my face. What am I doing that constitutes this reckless, "abandoning the outcome to God" kind of faith?

I'm also reflecting on the motivation for this "reckless" living. It's got to be the Cross. Surely it's the Cross that propels me into risky living and enables me to know that however it turns out God is still 100% for me and he will use all things - even spectacular failures - to display his glory.

Anyway....great service from the YP.

Also liked seeing my elder son "in the pulpit" doing his first bit of preaching!

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  1. I love the account of David and Goliath. If there was anyone in the bible, apart from Jesus, who I would like to imitate it's David...... or maybe Joshua... or Paul. Difficult to pick only one reckless hero!


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